Cast Lists

Thank you to all who auditioned. These were hard decisions and we want to thank all who shared their talents with us. Additional casting of supporting roles and solos will be done during rehearsals from those already cast. Children will be contacted individually. We look forward to sharing this Holiday Classic this December.

Christmas Carol Cast

Ebenezer Scrooge – Stanton Allen

Ghost of Christmas Past – Jon Rash

Ghost of Christmas Present – Kody Rash                  

Ghost of Christmas Yet to Be – Jordan Ames

Bob Cratchit – Daven Ritchie

Mrs. Cratchit – Riley Ritchie

Charity Men – TBA

Tiny Tim – TBA

Fred Anderson – Mead Hansen

Sally Anderson – Catherine Paul

Mr. SmytheAndrew Withers

Grace Smythe – TBA

Jonathan – TBA

Mrs. Mopps – Kim Rash

Jacob Marley – Clifton Richards

Boy Ebenezer Scrooge – TBA

Fan ScroogeTBA

Scrooge’s Mother – Amanda Madsen

Young Scrooge – Jerry Olsen

Emily – Tina Chambers

Fezziwig – John McVey

Mrs. Fezziwig – Melissa Hamilton

Old Joe  – Danny Rash



Amanda Madsen                            

Amber Freestone

Amber Larsen

Ashley Hodges

Cami Trappett

Clara Benson

Jessica Christensen

Kennedy Hunter

Kim Rash

Julie Allen

Melissa Hamilton

Mindy James

Sydney Yorgason

Tina Chambers

Victoria Cardon




Andrew Withers  

Beau Jensen

Clifton Richards

Dakota DeWaal

Elliott Phares

Garrett Chandler

Germain Costa

Holden Matthews

Jerry Olsen

John McVey

Karl Calderwood

Mead Hansen